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commercial was produced, but never aired.... UNTIL NOW!

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intermission snack bar advertisement for drive-in movie theatres, c. late 60s early 70s

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notable for being one of the 1st CD based video game systems on the market.... and one of the worst video game systems in history

Would have been totally forgettable too, if not for....
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these ads were ubiquitous in 80s comic books...

but I also vaguely remember the tv ads. never actually had the candy though...

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still have mine, still play it, still love it

Paul Rudd though, I could take or leave...

(ETA: just thought of something.... maybe a 'before they were famous' tag, for celebreties who appeared in ads and commercials before they broke out and became big time bankable recognizable stars?)
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Darren McGavin, the actor who played Dad "The Old Man" in A Christmas Story, stars in this infomercial for the modern Kitchen of the Future!

and here's a clip from Rifftrax, featuring Mary Jo Peal (aka Pearl Forrester from MST3K)

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I vaugely remember drinking this, and thinking it tasted like a mix between pepsi and 7-up. Wouldnt mind it coming back so I can have another taste of it and see how good my memory is.

maybe they can get Diamond David Lee Roth to sing the crystal pepsi theme song....

also remember having a laugh at this parody commercial from SNL
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I remember always making it a point to stay up late for this when I could.... and I also remember my heart breaking when it was without announcement pre-empted for loveline and never seen again :/

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I remember making these with my grandmother- it was fun, although the box said you could use apple juice instead of water, so I wanted to use apple juice. they didnt taste as good as I would have hoped....
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Please enjoy this compilation of Norelco Santa ads all through the decades! I remember ol' Santa riding the Norelco razor fondly. :)


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