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commercial was produced, but never aired.... UNTIL NOW!

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notable for being one of the 1st CD based video game systems on the market.... and one of the worst video game systems in history

Would have been totally forgettable too, if not for....
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the OTHER sci-fi franchise William Shatner is associated with

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'The Homer' of videogame systems )

price at launch was close to $700.00. I never even saw one in a store, and knew no one who owned one, but I would often see NeoGeo arcade booths at the local pizza places. Good for fighting games and.... not much else.

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still have mine, still play it, still love it

Paul Rudd though, I could take or leave...

(ETA: just thought of something.... maybe a 'before they were famous' tag, for celebreties who appeared in ads and commercials before they broke out and became big time bankable recognizable stars?)
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remember socks the cat?

there were plans for a video game featuring the first cat as a video game protagonist in a super mario bros style game. Game was apparently finished, and advertisements were published, but the game got shelved at the last minute and never (officially) saw the light of day

of course, there are ROMs out there....

Ive heard there are kickstarters out there to get the game published, which would be great because it looks like fun
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of course back in those days, I was (and still am) a Nintendo loyalist, so I didnt even play this game until 10 years later

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as a kid, I remember the turbo grafix 16 as that expensive system behind the glass case at the local toys r us with games that looked more advance than Sega or Nintendo, but never knew anyone who actualy owned the system (except for maybe that kid in the class with the rich parents that would never be friends with you)

Looking back now, Ive come to realize that their game library sucked, and hasnt stood the test of time at all.
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I think it was a very good year for games. Sony Playstation was starting to rule but Sega and Nintendo would not go down without a fight... well one of them did...

That is Ice Cube. Unfortunately for Sega most gamers headed the opposite direction from Saturn...

Sega, Sony, Nintendo behind the cut... )


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