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Given the current state of things, I thought I'd go for a theme...

Plus one:

"who needs a mirror?" )
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Monday Contest Starts: Airlines Ads! I don't believe we've ever had a contest for them before and it's about time! Ads for airlines or ads that include airlines in the background!

Our Rule Post

1. You must at least put 'contest' in the subject line for me to tally votes on your entry

2. Print or video ads are fine

3. All regular Vintage Ads' rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per entry please

4. Voting is via a YES in the comments. I can only tally a YES for a vote.

5. As always regular ads are welcome during events

6. Hem and haw rule: I'm doing this on May 21 and right now this is my 37th scheduled post! And hey, I'm gonna go all the way thru July 2017!!

7. If you remember, please tag your entry with 'contest entry'. If not, no worries, I'll tag it for you.

8. The MOST important rule of Vintage Ads: HAVE FUN!!
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I grew out of this once I realized that I like humidity and hate dealing with jerks. :D

The word is "Steward".

and yes, I missed the one day event day for this :D
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I picked this out last month for the engine, not for the Belgian airline.  I love the angles (none of which make sense).

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The copy is worth looking at the full-size ad XD

Drones? I don't need no stinkin drones - I have gas-powered fighter planes with bombs.
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From the Flickr pages of Harald Haefker, a beautiful set of five ads (all link to bigger versions) for Lufthansa Cocktail in several varieties.

(Lufthansa is the main German airline.  The cocktail was Apricot-Orange liqueur 30%abv, is apparently for sale).

Wide is the world, our luck is near.  To us! with Lufthansa cocktail.



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