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these ads were ubiquitous in 80s comic books...

but I also vaguely remember the tv ads. never actually had the candy though...

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Better to have met him than be looking for him...

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10-12 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Barbie (her birthday is March 9) and Candy.

Ads for anything Barbie

AND Candy
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Late last night I called my mother; "Mom, who was the old man in the robe who used to give me the Brach's candy I hated?"
After a very long and awkward pause, my mom figured out that he was a local clergyman who asked parental permission and it was all on the up-and-up. :)

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Ads with a little or a lot of yellow but otherwise wildly diverse.  Which is your favorite?

4 MORE! )

5 MORE! )

And one orange! :D

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Contest Last Call!! I'll tally contest entry votes and post the finalists Friday. So if you haven't voted yet, you've still got time!

Friday, February 12, ONE DAY EVENT: Peter Cooper's Birthday! He invented gelatin so JELLO/gelatin ads!! Where would this community be without jello? (Yes, I know jello is a brand, but many people, call any kind of gelatin jello).

Weekend EventsFriday - Sunday, February 12 - 14: Chocolate; Weapons; and Flowers (It's Valentine's Day Weekend :)

Ads for Chocolate/Candy; any kind of weapons; and flowers.
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even back then, I couldnt understand why this dinosaur had to be such a jerk. 90's tude, I guess.

and I hated these things, too. tasted aweful.


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