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because my friend in Austria loves it when people confuse the two places

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Given the current state of things, I thought I'd go for a theme...

Plus one:

"who needs a mirror?" )
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So I'm in Tromsø, Norway, about to go up the cable car to see the view, when I spot this vintage Scandinavian Airlines poster, featuring - the Tromsø cable car!

Second pic is from up top, winter obvs.

Third is not an ad but old sheet music we saw in the Polar Museum - but THE FONTS.

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to see these (the Northern Lights, not the contrails)!

also, while looking for the above, I found THIS AMAZING SITE all about ads featuring airplane contrails!
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So many great railway snow and Christmas ads. Will try not to flood the group.

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23-25 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Snow and Travel. Ads that show snow AND ads that depict/involve travel in anyway

I know many people will be traveling this weekend, spending time with friends, family, or hiding from them. Let me take this opportunity to wish you safe travels, as stress free visits as possible, and no matter your personal beliefs---or lack of---have a Merry Happy Christmas Holiday!! If you are spending the day by yourself, may it be relaxing! Turn off the phone, it's okay to have a day to yourself!! "Time" is a fantastic present!! I like to hide on Christmas, though I'll be here posting if ya wanna chit chat on a post! :D
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OOPS!!! When I did like 200 scheduled posts for the week's events and then the reminders the day before, somehow I missed the entry for this week's upcoming events!!

Wednesday December 21, ONE DAY EVENT: Short. It's the shortest day of the year, so ads that mention the word 'short' in the product name, in the ad copy, etc

Friday - Sunday December 23-25 Weekend EventS: Snow and Travel. Ads that show snow AND ads that depict/involve travel in anyway

And it should go without saying that Christmas based ads are welcome! Santa, presents, Christmas trees and lights, etc.
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Welcome to Art Deco Weekend! I'll be your hostess, and I'm really lookin forward to seeing what everyone posts this weekend! Here's a little something to start us off:



My husband and I have collected Frankart lamps for 30 years; they are the essence of Art Deco!

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Ads with a little or a lot of yellow but otherwise wildly diverse.  Which is your favorite?

4 MORE! )

5 MORE! )

And one orange! :D


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