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Please enjoy this compilation of Norelco Santa ads all through the decades! I remember ol' Santa riding the Norelco razor fondly. :)

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I remember seeing this ad quite a bit back in those days as a kid. back then, the only comics I read were the Transformers comics, so I had no idea who Wolverine was. To me, this was just a scary, yet at the same time, halarious looking guy selling subscriptions to stuff I never heard of (except spider-man and fantastic four)

plus, its relevant because its christmas time!

Art by John Buscema
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This has color and an appetizing layout, fit for Christmas and New Year's. I'd give this a B+ for desirability on the spam and A+ for the real ham for an elegant meal, even though it seems to be on fire.

If opening cans is anyone's idea of fun, this is the perfect ad! *adjusts professorial glasses on face* Upon reflection after seeing all these ads, Spam is best for little dabs on crackers and such where other things like onions add to the flavor of a mouthful. Eating big slabs of it for dinner, not so much. If slabs are on your plate, take a bit of mashed potato on the forkful, too, to ameliorate the profound taste of Way Too Much Fat. It'll slide down easier that way.


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