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yup. you probably saw this one comming...

I cant post any milk mustache ads, because these things were so ubiquitous in the 90s, and I hated them all.
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of course, we all found out later that there is no such thing as Corinthian Leather...

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little did most people know, the song is by the electronic group Psychic TV called Roman P, and its a strange song analyzing the fall of acclaimed and controversial movie director Roman Polanski. Or at least strange when you're using the song to sell volkswagens....

"Are you free? Are you free?
Are you really really free?
Is it you, is it me?
or is it simply jealousy?"

ETA: maybe sometime do a contest for pop-music or other famous songs used in commercials, or a contest or tag for song-commercial mis-matches?
kinda like using an Iggy Pop song about heroin to advertise boat cruises? ;) )
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because if you can't trust hallucinations, then what can you trust?

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Modern Weird Science Love

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its got bowie. its got hall & oates. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!?!?!

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of course back in those days, I was (and still am) a Nintendo loyalist, so I didnt even play this game until 10 years later

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Please enjoy this compilation of Norelco Santa ads all through the decades! I remember ol' Santa riding the Norelco razor fondly. :)


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