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the first commercially produced car, or "horseless carriage" if you prefer

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Im no expert, but I think Gilbert and Sullivan was about where Opera became what we consider today as mordern musicals...

(also, we have a victorian tag.... how about an edwardwardian tag for 1900s-1915ish?)
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 photo nicoll the tailor summer 1890_zps5yr0ingt.jpg

Two addresses for the price of one, here! At the Bowery location, a shop called New Modern Lighting currently occupies 145, with Brilliant LED and Noble Lighting, Inc. sharing the 147 storefront.

Meanwhile, at 771 Broadway, there’s a Starbuck’s™. Surprise, surprise.
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since its more for a washing machine than detergent, I dont think it qualifies as a contest entry. but it did make me recall seeing this in an old college history text book, and how it made my jaw drop

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From an 1891 edition of Puck magazine, by famed illustrator Frederick Opper:

How She Captured Him (1891)
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 photo darlingtonrunk1888_zpse6b75c6b.jpg

More on Messrs. Darlington and Runk. Yikes! I can’t believe such an unassuming ad has such a tragic backstory.
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Found in an 1891 issue of Puck, created by popular artist Frederick Opper (click through to see full-sized image):

How She Captured Him (1891)

Text behind the cut )
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I totally love that dress (and the art of this ad in general), ngl.


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