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the first commercially produced car, or "horseless carriage" if you prefer

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One of the stranger angles to shoot an ad from.  If you can translate the French, please do.

And a jazzy German ad for Reval
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Italian, Spanish and German ads with felinenophiles.

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Im guessing either late 50s or early 60s

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From the Flickr pages of Harald Haefker, a beautiful set of five ads (all link to bigger versions) for Lufthansa Cocktail in several varieties.

(Lufthansa is the main German airline.  The cocktail was Apricot-Orange liqueur 30%abv, is apparently for sale).

Wide is the world, our luck is near.  To us! with Lufthansa cocktail.


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What do they have to do with buses? Why, one of their biggest hits was the song "Bus Stop", of course!

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This was a big deal in the former East, especially in the immediate post-war years, due largely to the shortage of and cost of importing actual coffee.

"I like the taste..." or "Tastes good to me..."


"because I drink the the good Konsum Coffee-Substitute Mix!"

Happy Joe Socialist Worker says.
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Simply add water, stir, ready!

A modern coffee in our modern time.  From VEB Bero, Berlin.  (East, at the time. GDR).

They go on at great lenght about what instant coffee is and how it tastes, so it was clearly new.
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Sung to the tune of "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles".

Also this huge and handy COFFEE CHART!  Only $29!

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One of the most hilarious CDs I have is an amazing collection of German advertising music, jingles, etc. It captures an era and a mood just perfectly.  There is also a "Pop-shopping 2".   You can get them at Amazon (Part 1) (Part 2) and there's even a remixes album now :D

Or you can just listen to a sampler HERE


- Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri II (1973)
- Klaus Wuesthoff - Swing a little, Kim a little (1967) (skip: 2:55)
- Klaus Doldinger - Wild freshness (1970) (skip: 5:52)
- Christian Bruhn - Ford Taunus (1974) (skip: 8:31)
- Gert Wilden - Moulinex (1972) (skip: 10:02)
- Christian Bruhn - Komm in Fahrt (Hansa Pils, 1972) (skip: 12:29)
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Today is the end to the World Cup. Here are two ads representing Germany and Argentina.

Lets hear in the comments which ad is better.
Or personal stories from either countries.
Have you been?
Its Up to you!


Am Strand!

Jun. 27th, 2014 06:13 am
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FYI this is for VEB Wolfen, an East German company, but ran in a Polish magazine.


"It's never too early to discover the world."
LTU: LTU Lufttransport-Unternehmen GmbH was an airline with its head office in Halle 8 at Düsseldorf International Airport in Düsseldorf, Germany; it is now fully owned by Air Berlin. The initials stand for the German phrase LuftTransport-Unternehmen. (Wikipedia)


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