Feb. 18th, 2017

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I remember always making it a point to stay up late for this when I could.... and I also remember my heart breaking when it was without announcement pre-empted for loveline and never seen again :/

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Im no expert, but I think Gilbert and Sullivan was about where Opera became what we consider today as mordern musicals...

(also, we have a victorian tag.... how about an edwardwardian tag for 1900s-1915ish?)
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not sure if it can strictly be called a musical, but damn, I love this poster

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actualy more of a documentary about Soviet Musicals than a musical movie in of itself, but it did show that Commies loved to dance and sing

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what Broadway Musical themed event would be complete without George M Cohan?

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These were strangely fascinating. You could always count on the filling being burn your tongue off hot.

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I vaugely remember drinking this, and thinking it tasted like a mix between pepsi and 7-up. Wouldnt mind it coming back so I can have another taste of it and see how good my memory is.

maybe they can get Diamond David Lee Roth to sing the crystal pepsi theme song....

also remember having a laugh at this parody commercial from SNL


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