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not to be confused with Hitler's Chocolates, available to be mailed to any address in Austria

I certainly did have to do a double-take at the name, especially since the kid has the uniform and hairstyle down- all he's missing is that mustache

I even felt compelled to some digging just to make sure it wasnt one of those fake photoshopped ads- seems legit- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Hillier_Chocolates
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31-2 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Australia and Cameras.

Ads for/depicting Australia

AND camera ads
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This is a commercial I never saw before, of course; I think a lot of us remember the HangTen™ brand—at least, I do—but may not have known it was a surfers' brand—I didn't.

I just liked the feet; most people just like the feet.
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Courtesy of The Australian Woman's Weekly  and Mynor Fruit Cup we have magical water taps worthy of a favorite childhood story, "Mr. Pudgins Turns Plumber" from Mr. Pudgins by Ruth Christoffer Carlsen, wherein the babysitter makes the taps run with various soda flavors (grape pop, orange pop, root beer, and liimeade).

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Not only is it Flag Day, it's my birthday. It's also Boy George's birthday, and I knew there had to be SOME way I could tie this all together...and I was right!

 photo DSCN0322.jpg

Promotional poster included in the Australian LP edition of Colour By Numbers, 1984.

And a bonus video to justify my use of the Love Is Love tag - their video by the same name. )
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Profuse apologies for the late notice on this! Someone left a comment about one and then I saw something about the other and decided to add that---but I was on the phone this afternoon and then got busy waiting for someone to finish watching a premiere at Sundance---I know that sounds really odd. But there was hundreds of us doing so, whiling away the time while we waiting for a brief review! :)

ANYWAY MONDAY January 26th it is Australia Day (I know it's already Monday in Australia, please feel free to continue posting Aussie ads through Tuesday if you wish :) AND it's Republic Day for India, one of their only 3 public holidays. So....

Australian ads: tourism ads, ads featuring Australians, Australian products, etc.

India ads: tourism ads, ads featuring Indians, Indian products, etc.


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