Jan. 5th, 2017

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since its more for a washing machine than detergent, I dont think it qualifies as a contest entry. but it did make me recall seeing this in an old college history text book, and how it made my jaw drop

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It's 2017?! Really?! Anytimefliesway, I wanted to play mod for a few minutes, so I'll put on my mod hat ::groan:: If anyone would like to be a guest host for any of our upcoming weekend, or even one day events, please let me know. Guest hosting would entail, though not required, posting ads relevant to the theme, commenting on people's ads, and imparting anything you'd like to on the theme. Our upcoming events master calendar is here. It's filled through July, and I have selected August's contest theme so far, which will be Art Deco ads.

Any and all suggestions for future events past July are VERY welcome!! What events would you like to have? Or do again?

New tag query. Did y'all see [livejournal.com profile] write_light's post? It made me wonder, should we have a: 'I stepped into a vintage ad' OR 'Recreating vintage ads' tag? ETA: You'd include the vintage ad and you there and/or recreating the ad.

I suppose I should remind everyone, since it's the start of the year, we do have rules. BOOOOOOO!!! Yeah, rules suck; but alas, they're necessary and I think they're pretty much common sense. Rules here. If in doubt, never ever hesitate to ask me! And of course rules can be broken at times, cuz rules suck!

Actually, if in doubt of anything, or if you have a suggestion, etc never hesitate to contact me!! We're a COMMUNITY, so everyone is equal and has a say--I just get the mod hat to wear every once in awhile, and ugh, it just made my hair all staticky!
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6-8 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Instantly recognizable logos and Beach related ads.

Products that have a logo so recognizable you don't even need to see the name (Coke/Pepsi/Ford/etc)

AND any ad that depicts a beach scene, beach items, etc


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