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In addition to today being Bowiemas, it also marks the birthday of someone whose career in the music industry was every bit as significant to me, and I don't mean Elvis. Bill Graham would have been 86, had he not been killed in a helicopter crash returning home from the Concord Pavilion in 1991.

David Bowie at Winterland, 1972David Bowie’s first Bay Area show was a Halloween event at Winterland in San Francisco on Oct. 25, 1972. The show flopped, with only a few hundred people buying tickets to see the young British performer. Bill Graham talked Bowie into returning in February 1976, and that became the first of many successful appearances here. --Bill Van Niekerken in the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 11 2016

Bill Graham PresentsHis tale is the stuff of legends: a Jew born in Germany in 1931 and orphaned soon after, he was evacuated to France in 1939 and sent to the U.S. in 1941. He lived with a foster family in the Bronx, working as a waiter and cabbie until he found his calling as a rock impresario in 1960s San Francisco. Notoriety and controversy followed--for the next quarter century, he had a hand in everything from the Trips Festival to the Fillmore West to Woodstock to Live Aid to Amnesty International's Conspiracy of Hope tour. This look at a businessman unencumbered by timidity is recommended reading as an often hilarious overview of rock 'n' roll. --from the Publishers Weekly review of Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bobo. (It's a Deadhead thing.) We miss you, too.
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These may not be beefcakey enough, but I figured what the heck...



Three more... )
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Anyone remember this? When I was a kid, it was hung a lot in classrooms; I didn't realize it came from the American Cancer Society.

Although it's an iconic image, and one that stayed with me, I still started smoking when I was in my 20s; fortunately, I was able to quit.
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Wonder what kind of seed you gotta plant to get a crop of legs.

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1972 newspaper insert ad for Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade.

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Since the Bells were broken up and we got Verizon, here is my Verizon rant!

Last week I had to get a new phone. The Verizon tech wanted me to dump my current plan and go with Verizon's new month to month payment plan. He claimed it would have saved me $10 a month. Except!!!
Once you dump your current contract you will never get that back. So Verizon if offering a cheaper month to month plan now to get us all to dump our contracts.
Think about it.
I pay $80 a month now. I am locked into that for life.
Their new month to month plan is $70. But next month?
How long with those $70 last until they go up to 80, 90 100?
Don't fall for upfront savings. Think long term. I didn't and you don't need too.

Don't give Verizon one extra Cent!

1972 Bell Telephone System Ad, with District Manager Blanche Reardon
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From the EAL publication “Pastimes” from 1972. The centerfold introducing the L-1011 to the EAL fleet. Image from David Capodilupo.

I've taken many long haul trips on these. I was sad to see Delta take the last of them out of service as each aircraft came up for heavy maintenance in the mid '90s.

Full size 2048x1412 version here.

Haw haw!

Nov. 23rd, 2014 01:20 am
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It can't be a celebration of '70s clothing ads without this. This was my favorite TV commercial of 1972 (yeah, I'm old), and I still love it today. This is a long-form (full minute) ad for Levi's jeans that was known for its stop-motion photography and earworm-inducing soundtrack. Not very many TV spots these days run for a full minute, save for Super Bowl advertising (think the wonderful Budweiser ads), mostly because networks want to cram as much advertising (and ad revenue) into a commercial break as they can. I wish this was a better quality video. Enjoy!


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