Jan. 8th, 2017

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Whew, watch one Bold detergent commercial and YouTube thinks you're crazy for the stuff! I didn't get around to posting this for the contest, but it was kind of a lightbulb moment. I remember wash day being so onerous for my mother - maybe it was just because I was a kid - but she did so much laundry and so many little loads according to the fabric type. I just throw everything together :-D I forget that there was a day that washing polyester was a big deal and Mom used to turn her nose up at rayon clothes. For Christmas she gave me the softest warmest flannel nightie - and was shocked to find out it was 100% polyester. Polyester is ugly and scratchy no more!

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its got bowie. its got hall & oates. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!?!?!

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In addition to today being Bowiemas, it also marks the birthday of someone whose career in the music industry was every bit as significant to me, and I don't mean Elvis. Bill Graham would have been 86, had he not been killed in a helicopter crash returning home from the Concord Pavilion in 1991.

David Bowie at Winterland, 1972David Bowie’s first Bay Area show was a Halloween event at Winterland in San Francisco on Oct. 25, 1972. The show flopped, with only a few hundred people buying tickets to see the young British performer. Bill Graham talked Bowie into returning in February 1976, and that became the first of many successful appearances here. --Bill Van Niekerken in the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 11 2016

Bill Graham PresentsHis tale is the stuff of legends: a Jew born in Germany in 1931 and orphaned soon after, he was evacuated to France in 1939 and sent to the U.S. in 1941. He lived with a foster family in the Bronx, working as a waiter and cabbie until he found his calling as a rock impresario in 1960s San Francisco. Notoriety and controversy followed--for the next quarter century, he had a hand in everything from the Trips Festival to the Fillmore West to Woodstock to Live Aid to Amnesty International's Conspiracy of Hope tour. This look at a businessman unencumbered by timidity is recommended reading as an often hilarious overview of rock 'n' roll. --from the Publishers Weekly review of Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bobo. (It's a Deadhead thing.) We miss you, too.
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I think Coke is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. And I just got in from running errands with it being a balmy -4 out. Beach please!!!!

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As always I'll post a reminder the day before event/s

We'll be continuing our currently ongoing Bowie Break the Rules Days thru Tuesday the 10. You can post anything Bowie related you want----no ad required at all. You wanna post Bowie videos? Go ahead!! You wanna post Bowie photos? Go ahead!! You wanna post Bowie lyrics that really meant a lot to you? Go ahead!! No ad required.

13-15 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Tires and Flowers. Ads for tires, for cars, bikes, etc AND flowers in ads
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Movie made no sense (even by David Lynch Standards), didnt answer anything that the series didnt already address, but its got Bowie in it!

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I named a kitty Miriam Blaylock.

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My favorite Bowie music video-all 20 minutes of it:


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