Dog Day

May. 30th, 2017 08:24 am
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I guess I should have waited until the afternoon to post this, but...
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Now I have that Oingo Boingo song stuck in my head. There's worse ear worms.

Anyway, no, I haven't fiddled with our page set up yet here. But I want to query our members about DW Vintage Ads:

Do you want to follow LJ Vintage Ads' event calendar? Or do you want to be untethered from LJ and either not have an event calendar or have a different one?

What kind of layout would you like? Neutral background?

Everyone's feedback is appreciated!
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I think everyone can post here, if there's a problem please just let me know! I'll work on getting a different layout in a bit. Please welcome [personal profile] franklanguage as my co-pilot!
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Do we even wanna know what's going on here?!

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12 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Nuts Ads for nuts of any kind!! Yes, you can widely interpret that!
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A reminder will be posted the day before each event

12 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Nuts Ads for nuts of any kind!!

14-16 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Bathroom fixtures and ads from your year of birth. Ads for bathroom fixtures AND since April 16 is considered everyone's birthday in Vintage Ads, ads from the year of your birth all weekend!


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