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yup. there were a whole lotta these ads. Here's just one of them

Also, its too new to be vintage, but its a great ad where Lemmy Kilmister makes his feelings on Milk clear

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yup. you probably saw this one comming...

I cant post any milk mustache ads, because these things were so ubiquitous in the 90s, and I hated them all.
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I got to see Radiohead last night, and I couldnt help but recall this, possibly the most shamelessly 90s ad ever.

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I just read this. Very first sentence says: "It is now illegal in Russia to distribute any images that depict President Vladimir Putin wearing makeup and implying he is gay." Emphasis mine. I'm not IN Russia. Yet LJ is. So does that mean WE can't post such depictions, even if we are not in Russia? Or would that be okay if our community was a paid account, since that user agreement didn't apply to paid accounts? But of course the English user agreement wasn't binding, only the Russian one was. We've all started to learn Russian, right?

Perplexing isn't it? And why is Putin so concerned being depicted wearing makeup? Or implying he's gay? Oh wait, right, right, he's a homophobic dictator. And if Mother Russia is gazing at this post, the views expressed in this post are mine and mine alone. I'm Miss Tia residing in the Land of Misfit Toys, Akron, OH, USA. I've been here since 2004, but I'll be damned I kowtow to anyone, especially homophobic bullies such as Putin.

Wanted to let y'all know of this new Russian law, as it might apply to some of us. Do we have ANY freedom of speech? Or only so long as we don't mock the sensitive little boy Putin? Waaaah! People mock me!


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7-9 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dairy and Hosiery & socks.

Dairy products in ads

AND hosiery and/or socks in ads
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commercial was produced, but never aired.... UNTIL NOW!

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the first commercially produced car, or "horseless carriage" if you prefer

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....Kurt Cobain 1994. They played the Akron Agora, which no longer exists, for $4.50. Right before Nevermind took off.


...Layne Stanley 2002. No, it's NOT Alice in Chains without Layne. For some reason we went to Cincinnati to see them at Bogart's. Why the hell we went to the other end of the state is something left to the mysteries of time.



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