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May. 30th, 2017 08:24 am
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I guess I should have waited until the afternoon to post this, but...
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Sweatin' to the Oldies was Richard Simmons' collection of exercise videos set to familiar tunes.

Segments from the "Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies Set" workout video: Non-stop 50s and 60s hit songs in four super-high-energy fat burners. These are the original 1988-1992 workouts that made Richard famous! The moves are easy — lots of arm motions, easy marches and basi... see the full description (including workout level and equipment used) at
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I am so ready for that meeting now that I'm all sweaty!

Vanity Fair WM  Sep 87
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Our Weekend Event starts tomorrow thru Sunday the theme: SWEAT!!! Ads that have sweaty bodies, ads for things that make you sweat, etc. (remember ads that are NSFW must go behind a cut please!)

We have a one day event tomorrow! A movie trailer day for 'black Friday' and the theme is DISASTER MOVIES!!!! Since this is a designated movie trailer day, please put your movie trailers behind a cut. No, nothing will happen if you don't, but it's a courtesy so as to not slow down the friends' page and I think it's reasonable to request that on designated movie trailer day. Other times it doesn't matter.

And yes, in the USA it's 'black Friday' tomorrow and unless I have a vet emergency I shall stay safely in my house (i hope i didn't jinx anyone---i just yelled that no one better get sick on me) i know many of you probably go shopping tomorrow and might have been shopping today.....i think most everyone here is very reasonable, courteous and would act like adults (a cashier in walmart yesterday told me that many people can't act that way and that's why they removed most of the women's clothing section so they could enforce lines at the check outs to prevent fights!!! fighting at check outs to buy things.....SMDH....there's been people CAMPING outside best buy in cuyahoga falls since LAST monday, yesterday i saw over 10 tents.....over a WEEK!!! the guy in the first tent told the press he wanted a tv for his kitchen....well that's worth camping for over a week isn't it? i mean, kitchen tvs are on the endangered species list....i can't tell you how many times a week i get mail for groups wanting to raise kitchen tv endangered species awareness.....sigh.....

if you go shopping tomorrow, PLEASE be careful and watch for those that are hellbent on getting whatever....there's always the internet or another kind to store employees who are probably exhausted, their patience wore beyond thin, and taking a lot of abuse.....also be careful on the roads!!! (this is why i no longer go out!!) there are people who are sleep deprived out on the roads, people rushing to stores and then the every day usual distracted drivers.....

oh, whilst i'm being a 'mother hen' here---geesh, sorry, did you brush your teeth? [ profile] noluck_boston's post on the cocoanut grove fire wanted me to remind y'all that when you go to a restaurant, club, etc, LOOK for the exits, not just the one you came in from......if something were to happen and there was a panic, you'd have in the back of your mind an alternate exit....also, when shopping ANY time, sort of denote where exits are in stores....there was a hostage situation in a family dollar in willard ohio where a manager was held hostage and then killed and then the guy killed himself....the local news put up a good article about how you should look for exits in stores you frequent in case an armed gunman came in---unfortunately in this day and age anything is possible.....and if you're shopping after dark, be alert of your surroundings and if you don't feel safe, ask if someone can accompany you to your vehicle or at least keep your cart inside while you pull your vehicle to the door to load it there.....
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I have this tagged, 'master calendar' and I'll link to it on the 'sticky' post on the actual LJ vintage ads page, so you can reference it whenever you wish and find it easily!

I have added to the contest theme 'hat': meat, vegetables, fruit and non-creepy kids, that's in additional to what is already in there!
Added to our weekend themes: are all the ones that were suggested, plus I added all 50 states, countries, and of course what was already there! And yes, more ideas are always welcome!!! ETA: ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case i've overlooked something!!! this calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!!

Weekend Events, unless noted are always Friday to Sunday


Monday December 23 to Wednesday December 25: What I wanted for Christmas as a kid, ads for things you wanted, never got, still want or might have gotten yourself as an adult!

One day event December Thursday 26th: Movie Trailer Day: Your favorite movies!!

Weekend Event 27-29 Weather!! Ads that feature WEATHER!

One day event Tuesday December 31: New Year Eve's Party!!!


Wednesday January 1st TWO one day events in one!
1. Hangover products!
2. WELCOME 1994 ads!! (we have a 20 year rule here so we will be adding 1994!)

Weekend event 3-5 Ads featuring the color GREEN

Monday January 6th Contest Starts: CARS

* Gay Equality Day note: I think this is important to have once a month with the ever increasing laws against gays in Russia (and LJ is owned by a Russian company and the site goes down when there are huge protests). Not to mention that world wide gays are persecuted and even killed for just being who they are. Even in the states, as with the recent hate crime murder of a gay man in NYC. This isn't political, this is a human right's issue. And I hope I continue to be the only one (well I know one other member who was targeted, though not directly) who is harassed about this. I am on troll patrol, there is zero tolerance for intolerance (though the Russians pointed out I wasn't allowing free speech, but hate speech is NOT free speech as far as I am concerned) and if any member is harassed or threatened, please let me know! I have a friend who also can translate Russian--much better than google translate! :) If you are a regular, you can contact me for my phone number even. I want everyone to feel 'safe' here!

Oh and one other note, I got a complaint that I only seem to defend gay people. That's not true. I once defended a Christian who was attacked for zero reason here because it was Easter time (this was years ago) and they had an icon with Jesus on a cross and someone attacked them for that. It was horrible and WRONG. I would defend anyone being attacked here regardless of faith, color, sex, etc. Most of the problems we have here though are, unfortunately, homophobic in nature. Which further buttresses my rationale for gay equality day!


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