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I know the rule is no Jell-o, but Jell-o pudding isn't the same as Jell-o gelatin. And I'm certain there are more chemicals in this than gelatin.

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And she's telling him a tale. According to what I found on a calorie site three teaspoons of sugar has 49 calories and half a grpefruit has 37 (plus all kinds of other good things as well).
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I was doing some research to see if I could find more out about La Parle Fat soap and stumbled across this with 'an actual endorsement!'

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Another ad for Ry-Krisp's reducing plan, but this one isn't so nasty.

Ry-Krisp 1937
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Oh no she didn't! Ry-Krisp had a whole series of mean-spirited ads like this.

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Antaeus TM May 85

Admit it. You'd like that sheet to drop just a weensy bit more, wouldn't you?

Of course, on this one, you can rearrange the word order a bit:
Soloflex TM sep 85
I thought that was Joe Namath for a minute there.

And for those of you who prefer the classics:
Gillette PM Apr 76

I notice there's a tag for perfume, but not for cologne or just fragrance. 
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Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, at left, is Gloria Vanderbilt's mother and Anderson Cooper's grandmother. Her sister Thelma is no less interesting, having been the mistress of the Prince of Wales and having created a brief film career for herself.

LIFE Mar 21, 1955 vanderbilt ayds diet plan
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Still looking for a new-year's diet? Take the advice of some random twit working for minimum wage. 

ry-krisp Dec 1940

So a man who doesn't like big bazongas on a woman who isn't afraid to show 'em off isn't a gentleman? Okay with me! 

Another one... )

Just shows that assholery about people's weight is nothing new.  
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More wacky, inappropriate 70s comic book ads pulled from the pages of what's supposed to be an innocent children's book...

Ads under the cut..... )
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Since we all rather over-indulged at [livejournal.com profile] misstiajournal's birthday party yesterday, I think it's time we got back in shape. I'm going to kick off with an artificial sweetner to help me lose weight. *g*

So does anybody else want to contribute some ads that can show us how to recover after eating all that cake and drinking all that alcohol yesterday?

(Ad from British Vogue, August 1970)
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Well, I am not going to do a history on this one - just decided to share a whole page of a late 1800s Harpers Weekly.  I will save the research for the next post.  Enjoy :)


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