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Royal Purple*  (*i.e., Sears) Nylon Stockings, 1940

In six shades of beige!

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That squirrel is very interested in what's under the woman's skirt.
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This ad is from 1919, so I am guessing the man in the wheelchair might be WWI military?  Or would that be wrong?
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From Photoplay, 1925. It's a hosiery ad, but check out that hat!
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Well, this is one way to get the consumer's attention.

LIFE Dec 6, 1954 hanes stockings
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Enkalon: stockings,  lingerie, fabrics

(around the outside) "elegant, comfortable, strong, controlled quality, washable"
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No nonsense WM Jan 87

The stockings to wear if you think you'll be part of a crime scene before the day ends. Even in death, woman in burnt orange is not letting go of her purse!
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Reminder: Contest #1 runs through TONIGHT! If you haven't voted yet, please do! Voting is via a YES in the comments of any entry that has 'contest' in the subject line! I will tally the votes tomorrow morning and post the finalists!

Contest #2 starts TOMORROW!!! Contest #2 is for legwear: socks, stockings, garters!


1. You MUST put at least 'contest' in the subject line.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All regular vintage ads rules apply except only one ad per entry please.

4. VOTING is via a YES in the comments of any entry you'd like to see go to the finals.

5. Of course other ads are welcome during the contest.

6. Official hem and haw rule. Wish it would rain, allergies bugging me bad, will go out in a bit and water seeds I planted and impatiens and that of course will ensure it'll rain, right?

7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!


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