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Amazing butter substitute that apparently doubles as hair dye!
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Weekend Event - Blue

There were a lot more food groups in 1952. Surprisingly, Blue Bonnet had its own food group. As with most advertising icons, this one had a name - Blue Bonnet Sue.

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This was the beginning of this ad campaign. Dena Dietrich portrayed Mother Nature.

"Oh it's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" (thunderclap!)

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Dutch advertising poster for margarine. Dated 1925-1935. The brand is no longer known, but it seems like an obvious competitor to Blue Band which can still be bought today.
'The best margarine in our country
is van Zwet's with the green band'.

The husband doesn't seem to be convinced. The toddler seems to be high.
And the name isn't great. Zwetsen means to talk nonsense. But it's still a pretty ad.
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"I am a gallant chicken of the war
I eat little and produce a lot"

Flavor-Bloomed Parkay! )

I'm going to blame this on the color fading.  But that bunny has a lot to answer for.
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In many states, the dairy lobby pushed through legislation prohibiting the sale of yellow margarine.  These laws were repealed one by one, right up through the 1960s, with margarine manufacturers putting great emphasis in advertising on how wonderfully yellow margarine could be if the law would only allow it.  And boy, was it yellow:

(Woman's Day, December 1949)

Yellow, yellow, yellow! )


Mar. 29th, 2013 05:52 pm
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Not really a selling point that would have occurred to me:

(Good Housekeeping, June 1935.  Few public buildings, and almost no homes, had air conditioning.)

(ETA tags.)
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Um ew? Also, watch that squirting bottle doesnt get on your hands! Cut away! Cut away!
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It took me a while to figure out this was not some sort of perfumed margarine. No, the flower is just a metaphor.



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