Apr. 14th, 2015

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I wonder what the woman is thinking about - possibly to do harm with whatever she's holding?

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Unless that book is written by a woman, you don't stand a chance...

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TOMORROW!! April 15, Wednesday, ONE DAY EVENTS, ads related to doing taxes as in the USA it's the deadline for tax returns AND ads featuring President Lincoln, as it's the unfortunate 150th anniversary of his assassination

April 16, Thursday, ONE DAY EVENT, ads from your birth year---and if you wonder why we do this on this day, it's my birthday, which is lame, but i didn't know what other day to have such an event and i can easily remember this

Weekend Events starting Friday April 17 thru Sunday April 19 Popcorn Ads and 1980s Clothing

ETA: Last call for contest entries!! I'll post the finalists tomorrow morning, so if you haven't voted on ads yet, you have time to do so! Voting is via a YES in the comments and yes, you can vote for more than one for which ads you'd like to see be a finalists (only with finalists can you vote for just one)....
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I have our events calendar filled out thru the end of May....here's what we have thru then (see my post before this for the next 5 days of events).....

April 24 - 26 Weekend Event TV Ads


May 1 - 3 Weekend Events Ads mentioning May and Hideous Food

May 4, Monday, ONE DAY EVENT Vietnam Era/Peace ads (it is the 45th anniversary of the Kent State Shootings)

May 5, Tuesday, Contest starts, theme is Perfume/Cologne AND ONE DAY EVENT for Cinco de Mayo--Mexican ads

May 8 - 10 Weekend Event Ads featuring boobs and butts

May 15 - 17 Weekend Events Ads for Sea Life and Ads that have bubbles/froth/foam in them

May 18 Monday, ONE DAY EVENT, It's Victoria Day in Canada so ads with Queen Victoria!

May 22 - 24 Weekend Events Civil War ads, ads from the Civil War period, ads that reference the Civil War, ads for items about the Civil War, basically any ad Civil War related

May 25 Monday, ONE DAY EVENT, BBQ ads

May 29 - 31 Weekend Event 1940s Ads and Errors in Ads


NOW.....i have jotted down a plethora of event ideas.....please give feedback, PLEASE give me suggestions of your own ideas and definitely PLEASE tell me which ones should/could be contest worthy.....i have denoted the ones i think could be contest-able, only 2---need MORE but i wasn't sure about what others could be for a contest....if something is for a specific day, i'll denote that.....i'm giving you all my ideas cuz i like to ensure everyone is included in decisions here....

(they're in no particular order)

zombie apocalypse--ads involving zombies and/or what you'd need in case of one
hair styles
ads that you can make up dialogue for (you know, the ones with characters perhaps with a strange glint in their eye)
'magic'---ads for products that claim they're 'magic' and/or actual magic sets---and yes even magic johnson
addresses in ads--we've done this before (nothing wrong with redoing things!!) look up addresses in ads and see what's there now
musicians in ads
things that make noise (for the 4th of july)
ads involving gardening
summer sports: golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, etc
literature based ads---like those jello nursery rhyme ads, references to literature in ads
I wish this still existed....
favorite classic tv show ads
ads and jingles you remember from childhood
teen idols
nightmare inducing ads
things you love to do/hobbies
favorite school subject---ads involving
favorite animal(s)
ads with recipes
canned foods---contest?
floating heads--contest?
help wanted ads
famous/historic buildings in ads
douche & constipation ads
kitchen utilizes and accessories
sun in ads--first day of summer
art deco and jazz music ads
beautiful artwork
living rooms
hands & feet
paint & wallpaper
PB & jelly (jam)
women's hats
trash bags and storage bags
pens, pencils, and stationary
pipes--smoking & men's hats ---father's day weekend
weapons--guns, knifes, mace, etc
new york
light bulbs & lights
cartoon ads
candy & junk food
records, tapes, and 8-tracks (i guess CDs too, they're rather obsolete now)
colleges/trade schools
ads to sell things---those ads saying "be a sales rep for ____" etc
teeth/toothpaste/mouthwash---mouth based ads
TP & Kleenex
cleaning supplies
weather in ads
black and white ads
wordy ads
senior citizens in ads
night time in ads
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In the 1980s Fred the Baker was ubiquitous in Dunkin' Donuts.  His mantra was "time to make the donuts".  My apologies for not being able to find a better quality video.


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