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Definitely not the oldest ads posted on Vintage Ads, but at 120 years old it's cool to see that a few of the of these companies are still in business today!



A bunch more... )
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by which they mean, the more women taking over a job which frees a man to go to war, of course. 

What a dark wartime ad, though.

Hoffman-La Roche, Inc., 1944

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You can stop wiggling your toes, sir.
-Just trying to dry the Absorbine, doc. >:-]

There is definitely a vibe here between Doc Hottie and his patient.  Concerned Wife is vigilant.
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It's black & white, it's magic, it has an address AND it has a wacky illustration with floating hands. :D

See that address today.

I found so much interesting info, like this USDA judgment against them for "misbranding" (the "magic" part, despite containing only some caffeine and acetanilide) and causing illness (due to acetanilide, a toxin/carcinogen).  As Wikipedia notes: "Acetanilide is no longer used as a drug in its own right, although the success of its metabolite – paracetamol (acetaminophen) – is well known."

Read all about the shocking $15 fine! )

Even more interesting are these two trade cards, which seem purposefully designed to induce headaches:

If you fail to solve the puzzle after working at it for an hour or two, try a Gessler's Magic Wafer.... )
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If I'm reading this right, 95 degrees has the status "collapse." "Hypothermia" as a term was first used around 1880; perhaps it was not in the popular lexicon 22 years later?
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To be honest, I was looking for TV ads, but found this instead.


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