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21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Cats
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Friday - Saturday May 13-15 Bad luck in ads, horror movies, and first aid!!

Tomorrow's Friday the 13th is the ONLY one this year!! In honor of that, bad luck depicted in ads. Anything depicted in an ad that you know isn't going to end well; ads that show something bad that already happened and how their product/service can fix it (ie: Maytag repair man); black cats (yes stereotype, but it fits the Friday the 13th theme); etc As always WIDE interpretation!! We'll carry the theme throughout the weekend.

Also for Friday the 13th (and the whole weekend), horror movie trailers and ads!!

And finally, ads for first aid products. Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, bactine, etc. Anything that'll help patch ya up!
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Total well-being - "Doctor Jéva" slippers
supple, silent, lined, anti-rheumatic
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Italian, Spanish and German ads with felinenophiles.

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Not sure if this is wine or hard liquor, but it definitely has a cat!

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Friday - Sunday, April 8 - 10, Weekend Events: Cats AND Wine

Ads featuring CATS in anyway, shape, or form!

Ads featuring red red WINE in anyway, shape, or form!

My Sin

Mar. 13th, 2016 12:29 pm
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That bottle is clearly in the way and will get shoved off the table in 3...2...1


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