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Jackie Gleason has an acid trip in prison while trying to assassinate Mickey Rooney, Carol Channing gets adopted into a hippy cult, and Groucho Marx is God. Makes about as much sense as it sounds.
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I remember I used to hear this jingle often on the radio back in the 70s; not only is it a catchy tune, but I think it's kinda classy—everything a jingle should be!

From the site:

"I will warn you now, this jingle is dangerously catchy, and depending on how you feel about getting ear-worms, it's either the jingle from hell or it's heaven sent. So, I'm sorry. Or, you're welcome. (Also, I'd love to hear Mx. Justin V. Bond sing a version of this!)"

(Singing) "Suddenly, there’s a heavenly fragrance that clings. It’s Heaven Sent

Suddenly, you’re an imp wearing angel’s wings

In Heaven Sent, suddenly, you are all the things you want to be, a little bit naughty but heavenly..in Heaven Sent!

(Male voiceover) Heaven sent fragrance by Helena Rubinstein. Spray it on, and heavenly things happen. Heaven Sent. Splash in it, laugh in it, live in it, love in it. You’ll find Heaven Sent fragrance at Helena Rubinstein counters everywhere.

...Suddenly you are all the things you want to be, a little bit naughty but heavenly...in Heaven Sent!"


Jan. 27th, 2015 03:02 pm
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This is how I felt tackling the snow mounds.

1970 Dodge Truck
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Simplicity Fashion News November 1968, pg 01

Simplicity is a sewing-things company that is perhaps best known for its patterns. This booklet from 1968 was a promotional for that year's patterns. A little bit country, a little bit Stanley Kubric (1968 was the year of 2001: A Space Odyssey), a little bit Jackie O. The images are sized down a bit here but if you right-click & open-in-a-new-window them you can see them large enough to read the copy more easily.

the rest of the booklet - 15 pages )
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This ad ran in the Lorain Journal on Thursday, October 17, 1968 and announced the restaurant's Grand Opening that weekend.


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