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intermission snack bar advertisement for drive-in movie theatres, c. late 60s early 70s

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from humble beginnings to the soul-crushing conglomerate that it is today...

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Surströmming is considered a delicacy, and the smelliest, stinkiest canned fish in all of Sweden. And in a country known for its obcession with canned food and stinky fish culinary atrocities, that's really saying something!

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"Im a Greek by blood, a Turk by birth, and an American because my uncle made a journey..."

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Poster for Anthony Newley’s infamous 1969 X-rated musical Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?:

can heironymus merkin ever forget (1969)

Supposedly, Joan Collins (who was in the film, and married to Newley at the time) didn’t actually know what the film was about until after it was already made. It seems to have been a factor in the couple’s subsequent divorce.

And yes, I have the soundtrack album (which a woman was giving away!).
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Here she is boys... Here she is world. Miss. Gypsy. Rose. Lee!

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I found this animated ad so intriguing - it remind me of the "Log" ad from Ren and Stimpy for some reason. I would have thought this was a parody as well, but I liked the simple plot of Bold Man coming to the rescue of the housewife that just can't get her husband's shirts white enough! The husband is sure a jerk in the few seconds that we see him.


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