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To compete with CP's "Canadian" the Canadian National introduced "The Super Continental" on the same date as CP's "Canadian" although with smooth-side cars built by Canadian Car and Foundry and Pullman-Standard. It didn't have dome cars, either. Domes didn't appear on CN until they bought the Super Domes from the Milwaukee Road in c.1964.

Condolences to the Vine family.

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Not a lot of hideous Jellos in these, but with all those desserts there is enough sugar to leave everyone in a diabetic coma...




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This 1954 movie encapsulates the Korean War: William Holden's fighter pilot character is unhappy about being called up for Korea after serving in World War II. He'd been making headway in his civilian life like a lot of returned G.I.s and now was yanked back to fight in a war that wasn't exactly popular. What if his good luck was all used up in the last war? The prime real-life example was the Boston Red Sox' Ted Williams, who was called up for Korea after three years' service in World War II. Five prime years of his baseball career was lost to war.

Excellent jet fighter sequences and color photography with top-notch acting by Holden, Grace Kelly and Mickey Rooney.

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My mother still has this doll, and some of the outfits.  I was allowed to play with it as a child, but never could get it to "walk."

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"Here's CHICKEN GOODNESS through and through!

"Rich CHICKEN broth—Rice steeped in CHICKEN—Tender pieces of CHICKEN"
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it's October, so expect a lot more horror movie poster postings from me right up until Halloween! Wheeeeeee!!!
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I'm thinking they both taste just like chicken. Chicken with a pound of salt added, that is.

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This ad is beautiful and give me inspiration for my own garden.

Woman's Day-Jun 1954


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