Mar. 8th, 2017

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Darren McGavin, the actor who played Dad "The Old Man" in A Christmas Story, stars in this infomercial for the modern Kitchen of the Future!

and here's a clip from Rifftrax, featuring Mary Jo Peal (aka Pearl Forrester from MST3K)

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9 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Products you love and/or hate. You can, of course, post products you love and hate, you aren't obligated to just do one!

Post an ad and tell us why you love (or hate) the product!
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It's me, again. I don't feel right about that. If there was a finalist I could have voted for to either tie or win, I would have voted for them. I will refrain from this month's contest, aside from occasional entry votes. I try to NOT vote for entries until it's time to tally, as sometimes there'll be quite a few tied for 5th. No problem having 6 or even 7 finalists, but if there's going to be more than that, I will then vote on entries to wrangle the finalists down.

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of course, we all found out later that there is no such thing as Corinthian Leather...


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